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Red One Services

Record Production
Publishing & Licensing


If you have an idea for a song or songs, and need help with the writing process or, some additional help tweaking the lyrics, arrangement or melody, we are here to help! We have years of experience writing with artists and bands all over South Florida and in Nashville!

Record Player Station

Record Production


Whether you need a guitar or piano vocal, or a full production, we can take care of everything! You can check out some of the artists we have written with and or produced their music on our ARTISTS page!



If you have a project that has been recorded either at your home studio or another studio and would like us to only mix the project, we are happy to help bring your songs to life!



We have produced hundreds of songs for artists and bands! Sometimes they have all the songs written and arranged however,  often times they now need help with the production. Helping to write parts that work great with the vocal melody, writing musical guitar lines that help propel the song along, as well as working out additional harmony parts to layer on top of the lead vocal! We are here to help you with any of your musical needs in order to make your songs sound the best they possibly sound!  

Publishing & Licensing

We also do a lot of work with music licensing and music publishing in the ad and synch world!  Our music licensing partners are Steven Bottari of FAST TRACK MUSIC LICENSING AND PUBLISHING, and Craig Currier of PEER MUSIC Nashville, which is the largest independent publishing company in the world! 

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