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I've known Keith for many years and worked with him as a songwriter, producer and business associate. In addition to being one of the most positive individuals I've ever known, Keith is a true professional going above and beyond whatever is needed to see a task or job through to completion. He's extremely creative, driven, honest and what I would call solution oriented. He puts people first in all situations, treating them fairly which is a rare trait to find in creatives these days.

Craig Currier 

VP, Director of Advertising Markets 

Peer Music / Nashville, TN

I met Keith Ridenour several years ago while I recording my debut EP Shine on which he co-wrote two songs. We have been writing and working together ever since. He co-wrote and produced most of my debut album Testimony. Currently he is producing my new album Warrior In Me which he also co-wrote several songs on. Keith has such a knowledge and love for all things music. His energy and positivity are infectious. Keith believed in me when very few people did including myself. He has taken my music and I to a whole new level. I don't think I would be where I am today without Keith's insight and guidance. Getting to work with him is so amazing. Thanks isn't enough for the belief and trust he's had in me over the years as an artist." 

Briana Domenica 

Contemporary Christian Singer/ Songwriter 

Nashville TN

"I have known and worked with Keith Ridenour for five years. I am a musician and songwriter and have collaborated with Keith on many writing and recording projects. His knowledge of song construction, lyric development, recording, and production are at an elite level. His knowledge of music theory and his superior guitar playing add to his ability to take a song from a kernel of an idea to a great composition. This combined with his enthusiasm, breadth of experience, and work ethic, make working with Keith on songwriting and recording a very fruitful and rewarding experience."


Steven Bottari

President, Fast Track Music Licensing & Publishing. 

Boca Raton, FL / Nashville, TN

"I have been actively involved in the music industry for nearly 30 years and have been lucky enough to work with some unbelievably talented and creative people.  Keith Ridenour is one of those people.   Keith is an amazingly gifted songwriter with the ability to write hit songs that are not only commercial, but songs that also touch the emotions of the listener in a way that triggers a profoundly rewarding experience.  Keith’s production skills are unmatched.  He has the gift of bringing out the very best in any artist, marrying the artist and the music in a way that is unique to that artist, with a sound and a feel that is relevant and fresh."

Dallas Gregory 
President, Song Rocket Music 
Nashville, TN

I’m so proud to say I’ve known and worked with Keith for 8 years. He’s a ball of energy and is always ready to rock n roll! He brings vibrant lyrics, catchy melodies, and the most fun and easy-going personality to every writing session, and is truly a joy and a thrill to collaborate with. I love every song we have written together...the country foot-tappers and the emotional piano ballads. Through our sessions and by example, Keith helped me grow and expand as a guitar player and songwriter. And not only is he a great songwriter, but a passionate band director, brainstormer, connector, mentor, and dear friend. This guy does it all!!! 



Lizzie Sider

Singer / Songwriter / Motivational Speaker

Keith is an amazing person to collaborate with on song ideas because he is so much more than a songwriter.  I came to him one day never have written a song.  I had some poems and ideas but no songs.  Keith sat back and listened and we talked about what the words meant and the stories that they told.  He would have me sort of hum the chorus - what I thought I heard.  He would then help me put music to my words and feeling to the music.  He can truly work with any idea and any genre of music.  He has played everything from Spanish guitar to bluesy Southern Rock to make each one of my songs each tell their own unique story.  He works from the heart and that can be felt in the songs he works on.  I would recommend him to anyone - from the very beginner to the most seasoned. 


David Durkee

The Broken Poet

Miami, FL

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